Comic book Mondays: Hawkeye #7

Hawkeye-Little-Hits-Fraction-Aja-Hollingsworth copy

Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye #7 was the first comic I read, ever, and to this day I think it was a perfect introduction to the lives of Hawkeye and Hawkeye. It’s a little Brooklyn v. Jersey battle, Clint Barton and Kate Bishop bickering about which is the better area while gearing up for some serious wet weather.

Hawkeye #7 opens Little Hits, the second Hawkeye trade paperback that collects Hawkeye#6-11. I didn’t notice at first that the book starts with #7, goes back to #6, and then goes happily forward from #8 onwards, but I can see why the publishers made that choice. #7 is a little bit of a detour, a day-in-the-life that doesn’t quite slot in with the rest of the story, the way natural disasters do.

I love the realtionship between the two Hawkeyes, the mentor-mentee thing that has well and truly devolved into big-brother-little-sister territory by the time this story starts. They tease and bicker and prod at one another until Clint departure from his apartment is masked by a semi-joking get out ye heathen how dare you say Brooklyn is better than Jersey that is the kind of thing you’d get from your own best friend, whether or not she was wearing a ruffled purple bridesmaid-to-be dress.

Being #7, I didn’t really understand Clint’s relationship with the secondary characters, and how they fit into the greater narrative, but the compassion with which he comforts the friend whose childhood home has been irreparably flood-damaged was wonderful for a fan who’s only seen him brainwashed and fighting to see. Of course, when I realised that Fraction’s Hawkeye series continued straight on from the movie, it got even better.

this is what he does when he’s not being an avenger, indeed.

I love Fraction’s story, and Aja’s limited palette spreads are gorgeous and easy for a comic novice to follow. Honestly, I really picked up Little Hits because I wanted more Hawkeye love than The Avengers and tumblr could give me, and I wasn’t in any way disappointed.


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