Tea cosy

There’s something so elegant about a tea-length skirt. Defined as a skirt that falls above the ankle and below the knee, the tea-length skirt is the epitome of femininity and versatility. I only ever have one or two in my wardrobe – it’s a lot easier to find an above-the-knee skirt off the rack than it is to find a cute mid-length one (which considering that my knees are one of my least favourite features is a source of much frustration) – but in winter or summer, they’re my go-to for feminine comfort. It’s so easy to dress them up with a jacket or down with a jumper, slip some tights on underneath for added warmth or wear them with boots for a look that’s a bit more grunge. It’s one of the reasons I love vintage fashion so much, I think – the prevalence of this gorgeous silhouette that flatters all body shapes and is comfy enough to wear on one of your frumpy days while still making you look flawless.

burberry-plum-mid-length-skirt-fictionandflowers.wordpress.com-tea-length mid-length-skirt-and-trench-fictionandflowers.wordpress.com-tea-length-stephanie-sterjovski peach-mid-length-skirt-fictionandflowers.wordpress.com-tea-length tea-length-skirt-fictionandflowers.wordpress.com-mid-length-shirk-sequinned-skirt vintage-style-tea-length-skirt-fictionandflowers.wordpress.com-bonnie-barton-mid-length-skirt


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