Run aground

Well. I honestly thought it’d take longer for my brain to run aground.

I have ideas and themes aplenty; I know exactly what I want to write about for the rest of the month. Before I began this challenge I sat down and mapped out all but a few days of this month; I spent a lot of today reshuffling ideas that I’d jumped the gun on or skipped. There are book reviews and character musings and real life bits galore in your future, dear Reader – if only I can get them from my head onto the page.

The thing, I think, is this. I love mornings. I work really well in them, and I find that if I don’t do my top five things before 10am, I won’t get anything done for the rest of the day.

(The only part of Wuthering Heights which truly stuck with me, aside from Heathcliff’s desire to be buried with Catherine, was the part in the very beginning when Mrs Dean scolds the narrator for staying abed so late into the morning; it was she who first put into my head that the morning hours are the most productive, and my subsequent experimentation with my alarm has only helped to cement in my mind that if I want to do something, I’d better plan to do it in the morning, or else I’ll never get it done.)

So sitting at my computer at 10pm was always going to end in disappointment. The evenings are for planning, relaxing, crafting. The real work needs to be done in the mornings, a fact which I’ve always known but only sporadically acted upon. After all, it’s hard balancing the sleeping habits of an habitual insomniac (my partner) with an early bird (myself). When are we supposed to see each other, if one of us is sleeping while the other’s awake?

The answer, as always, lies in fewer video games, more cooking dinner together, more sitting around and conversing rather than sitting in separate rooms doing our own thing. It’s this work-life-hobby balance struggle that has lead for so long to me not really blogging at all – it’s so much easier, at 10pm when your brain’s a mess and you’re well and truly ready for bed, to just curl up on the couch and pretend that all the things you wanted to do today weren’t that important after all.

This is the challenge. To do what we know we need to do in order to achieve the things we want to achieve. To strive to do this every day, not just on the good days or the weekends or on the days when we have a deadline looming. To balance our lives between the things we want to achieve in the future, and the things we need to nourish our souls in the now.

This is the challenge. This is my challenge. And this is what blogging every day in August is really about.


One thought on “Run aground

  1. Love the new look! I can completely relate to the idea of needing to do things that you should do but getting lost in the haze of tiredness or apathy. For example I should have been in bed 90 mins ago, tomorrow I will regret this choice and I have been making the same choice for 2 weeks and every day I curse past Chloe for her foolishness. Raises interesting ideas about self and when are we most our self. Is the Chloe now who is still typing and putting off brushing her teeth the same one who will tomorrow be working tirelessly through her break in order to get more out of the day? I for one, am really enjoying reading your blogs everyday and am excited to look back over them at the end of the month and feel like we have both been on a journey. Not only is there a story in each blog but each blog has a life and a story outside of the net.

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