My reflexes are too fast


I went and saw Guardians of the Galaxy tonight. It was pretty awesome. It was funny and action-y and it felt like watching a comic book come to life. The pacing and the way locations were labelled was very much in the style of an actual comic, which is quite liked and which I thought lent quite a lot to the overall feel of the film. The main actors were fantastic in their roles, and I have he feeling I’ll be quoting the script at random intervals for the next few weeks.

The thing I love about the Marvel universe – but especially the Marvel Cinematic Universe – is the way the stories all click together without being codependent. I love that the films and comics all layer together to form a much bigger whole than their parts, that there are little cameos and throwaways in one film that fill in tiny blanks from the one before it.

I love the Marvel movies because they’re fun, and funny, and have great fight scenes and the everyone involved seems to have a wonderful time making them. I feel like that comes out in the finished product. I’m excited to see where in the current MCU the Guardians fit, and especially the Collector. I have a feeling he’ll keep popping up as the MCU moves into it’s next phase.


One thought on “My reflexes are too fast

  1. I agree the MCU’s sense of fun is what makes it special. Especially in comparison with the tone of the cirrent DC movie verse.

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