August blogging challenge

Every now and then I set myself a challenge. They’re simple challenges – get up early and run three times this week. Lay off the fanfiction for a fortnight. Post on this blog today. Usually they’re pretty straightforward, and by the time I set them, I’ve been itching to do them for so long that they’re not really a challenge at all – they’re just something I do for a while, and then I stop. But recently I’ve been thinking about writing, and about agency, and about being present. There’s a lot that we do to keep ourselves from being agents in our own lives. It takes, I think, not only a lot of effort but a lot of bravery to own up to your own life, to get up and say “Yes, this is mine. This is my life, and I’m living it.” I can get quite flippant when talking or thinking in self-help cliches like those, but the thing is, cliches exist for a reason. These words and phrases lose their meaning because once they were so meaningful that we had to repeat them, feel them in our mouths, live them in our lives.

Writing, and agency, and being present. This month, I’m challenging myself to blog every day. There are no rules other than that – post every day this August. I can’t wait to see this blog grow, see my own little corner of the internet become something, rather than just existing as potential in my own head.

One down, 30 to go. Bring it on, August.


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