Summer Sangria

Happy summer!

Is there anything better than grabbing a couple of girlfriends and a bottle of rose and just chilling? Not really. Sometimes. If you replace the rose with gin. Or the girlfriends with a good book. What were we talking about again?


Sangria is something I’ve always wanted to love, but have only ever managed to like. There’s something about a wine cocktail that just makes me feel fancy, but boring old orange juice + dry red wine + a few citrus slices has just never done it for me. Clearly the thing my sangria has always needed is strawberries. And Cointreau.

This sangria was heavily adapted from Joy the Baker, because I haven’t got a juicer and I was short on time. Replace the home-juiced watermelon and strawberries with a bottle of the finest apple-berry juice, then slice and squeeze and muddle until everything comes together in a big happy jug of magenta goodness.

Of course, I was so interested in drinking this particular jug of sangria that I managed not to take any pictures of it. So enjoy a few courtesy of Joy the Baker.

Wishing you a happy, boozy summer and a fun-filled new year.


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